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Appreciate your Interest in our Traction Technology!

Flex-Trax is totally Different from Tire Chains and requires a learning Curve to become Familiar with the Installation. It is simple and easy once you read and understand the installation instructions and review the tutorial videos.

In the 15 years of business and have now sold 10s of thousands of Flex Trax sets worldwide, I'm delighted to say, we have experienced only a handful of dissatisfied customers. Most of which either failed to check their wheel clearance, did not perform an install prior to actually needing the traction, or initially selecting the wrong size / model Flex Trax, which made it impossible to attach to their tires.

You can prevent any issues / problems, and realize many years of trouble-free service life, by taking the time to read our  "How to Order"   webpage and once you have your new set, test fitting your Flex Trax to the tire is crucial prior to actual use.

Our merchandise is covered by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty against material, workmanship and / or defects.

We strive for you to become one of the 99.995% satisfied customers, and then tell your Family & Friends about our Technology.

Should you ever need Technical Support, you may contact me directly 24 / 7

Thank you,

Tony Bright Inventor / Founder

No need to remove Flex-Trax once you hit dry pavement!

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When you Must Go in Adverse Conditions! Commercial Services, Government, Utilities, Fire, Police and EMS Departments all Love Flex-Trax!

Flex-Trax Coming to a Street Near You!

Helps Prevent Skidding Sideways!

Helps Prevent Skidding Sideways!
Flex-Trax Helps Prevent Skidding Sideways! Everyone has experienced that Out-of-Control feeling as the rear of the vehicle swings quickly to the side and you then struggle to regain control of this sideways skidding action. Flex-Trax self-cleaning chambers dig in and support the load in all directions. This enables the driver to maintain momentum in a straight line, which removes much of the stress associated with driving in adverse conditions.

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..."We have used these wonderful chain alternatives GoClaws (2006-current – my daughter keeps them in her car) and we’d like to get another set." Sharon Dauwalder Alpine, UT

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