Two Advanced Traction Systems

Legal in All 50 States and Canada!
We have a Comprehensive Selection of Nine SKUs of GoClaws and SnoClaws with a wide range of adjustment to work well in your particular application even if it's a snowblower, forklift, or garden tractor.
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Two Advanced Traction Systems
Both Models are Quick and Easy to Install and use the same Trax Technology.

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SnoClaws       Ratchet Locking Series ( Boxed per axle set for two tires.)

SM     T-16-6-1      Fits these Tires
Sub-Compact size cars and Smaller Trucks / SUVs
(Also Some ATVs, Garden Tractors / Snow blowers)
Price Size 1=$169.95

MED  T-33-6-1 Fits these Tires    (Most Popular)
Small to Full size cars and light trucks / SUVs / Crossovers
Price Size 2=$235.95

LG     T-43-6-1      Fits these Tires
Larger size cars and full size passenger trucks / SUVs
Price Size 3=$258.95

XXL   T-43-8-1      Fits these Tires
Fleet Commercial Transport
Price Size 4= $292.95


GoClaws        Dual Locking Pin Series (
Boxed per axle set for two tires.)

SM     2640           Fits these Tires
Smaller size cars and trucks / SUVs
Price GoClaws=$199.95

MED  2660             Fits these Tires      (Most Popular)
Full size cars and light trucks / SUVs
Price GoClaws=$235.95

LG     3640             Fits these Tires
Larger size cars and full size trucks / SUVs
Price GoClaws=$229.95

XL     3660  Fits these Tires
Hummer, Larger over-sized full size passenger trucks
Price GoClaws=$249.95

XXL   3840Fits these Tires
Fleet Commercial Transport
Price GoClaws=$292.95


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Ask about our Police & Military *Discounts
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Warehouse / Huge Inventories located in Cleveland TN, Delivery truck which also serves as Test Vehicle.


Reduction of Inventory- Only Three Flex-Trax Model Sizes replace over 100 tire chain sizes!!! We offer Flex-Trax to fit most all tire sizes in both SnoClaws ratchet models and GoClaws dual locking pin designs.

GoClaws Dual Locking Pin Design


SnoClaws require No Tools for installation. The ratchet Buckles are tightened from the outside of the tire and the inside latch is thinner for tight inner clearance vehicles.

Crank them down and Make Some Trax!

Ratchet Series SnoClaws with only .590" inside latch thickness.
Note- Ratchet Buckle is on the outside of the tire where clearance is not typically an issue.

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