Ask about our Fleet, Government and Dealer Discounts

We offer Flex-Trax to fit most all tire sizes in both SnoClaws ratchet models and GoClaws dual locking pin designs.

Ask about our Fleet, Government and Dealer Discounts
Reduction of Inventory- Only Three Flex-Trax Model Sizes replace over 100 tire chain sizes!!! We offer Flex-Trax to fit most all tire sizes in both SnoClaws ratchet models and GoClaws dual locking pin designs.

Who do you think pays for all the damage caused to roadways by studded tires and metal tire chains? You guessed it...We the Taxpayers! Metal Tire Chains 101- By: Grant Smith Columnist Important Tip: Do not ignore the manufacturer recommendations of going over 30mph while you have metal chains on. We cannot stress this enough. Year after year, we see dozens of tire chains littering the freeways after a snowstorm, because motorists didn’t know or just didn’t care. Not only is it blowing away $$$, but when your metal chains come off, they don’t just break – they whiplash around your wheelwell in a fantastic fashion – destroying anything it comes in contact with. I’ve personally destroyed my ABS sensor because of this, so learn from my mistakes and countless others. Don’t think it can’t happen to you, because countless autobody shops around King county are weeks deep in appointments because of wheelwheel damage from busted chains. Again, do not go over 30mph – otherwise take local roads or take off your chains if conditions dictate.

Consider weight savings (less road tax) convenience and time savings due to quick and easy installation. You will discover that GoClaws is absolutely the best value!

GoClaws Dual Locking Pins are the preferred model for Heavy-Duty Fleet and Tanker Trucks.

Conventional tire chains weigh 3-5 times more than do our SnoClaws and at least 75% more than do our GoClaws. This should be an important consideration to those Fleet Accounts that pay a tax / penalty for extra weight beyond their basic load.

Auto Sock after 6 miles of dry pavement service!

On-and-Off again? It is not practical to pull off the road once you hit dry pavement only to reinstall your traction device once you hit adverse conditions again.

No need to remove Flex-Trax once you hit dry pavement!

Click on Image to the left to see what Postmaster in Minnesota says about our technology.

Message from the Founder of Snow & Ice Management Association.

Flex-Trax High Professional Standards.

"Finally got an opportunity to use our Flex Trax on a Trolley Bus - dual wheels on the rear. Started snowing halfway through a 6 hour gig. Driver stopped and put 'em on. First time using them. Driver said the (positive) difference was immediately noticeable. 6" of new snow in a few hours - didn't faze the Trolley after the Flex Trax units were put on. No more fears with Flex Trax. This will open up opportunities for winter use and winter revenue in the Trolley business... Well worth the money!" John Allin / Founder of SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association)

Our Commercial Clients enjoy many years of trouble-free service life. Here are just a few of Fleet Accounts.

Fleet Ratchet Series

Fleet Ratchet Series

SnoClaws can be easily installed to the Outside of the Dually Tires, or staggered as required of California and other State DOTs.

See California Vehicle Code (below)


Click the link above for your State's Tire Chain Laws concerning Consumer Driven Vehicles under 10,000 GVW in adverse Snow / Ice conditions.

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