Respect Earns Continued Access!

Respect Earns Continued Access!

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"Incredible traction in snow, sand, and even mud..."

"On a recent trip up to snow-covered Lake Tahoe, California, we drove a 4WD Nissan Armada to 6,000-plus-feet elevation where traction was limited and only vehicles with snow chains were allowed. Rather than fumble with chains, we hopped out and in less than five minutes had the ultimate traction device installed on our 275/60R20 all-season tires. Enter SnoClaws, a high-tech polyurethane alternative to tire chains that incorporates a space-age rubber to wrap around the tires and provide incredible traction in snow, sand, and even mud."
Truck Trend Network

Unfortunately, This Family was driving without a traction device and in a hurry to get to a Reunion during the Holidays, but never made it. Please Take it Slow on Ice and Snow!

Black Ice

First of all, It is very dangerous to travel on Ice & Snow.

If you must travel in adverse conditions, you really should be very careful and not be in any hurry to get to your destination.

It is not safe to travel on "Black Ice" at any speed! We tell our clients, should they encounter Black Ice, get out of the vehicle and put on your Ice Skates !

Safely Pull off the road if you ever feel that you are not in total control of your vehicle.

The following IMPORTANT TIPS are from: Ice Road Safety

John Allin / Founder of SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association)

Drivers should always obey the law, exercise extreme caution, and be observant of adverse driving conditions.
The use of our traction products are not a substitute for safe driving or proper judgment by the vehicle driver.

Use common sense!

We have had many clients ask- "What is the speed limit of Flex Trax"?
Answer-We say 30 MPH and this does not mean that you can travel at this speed if it is unsafe to do so.

Destructive Testing-> (We have intentionally tried to push Flex Trax to its Extreme Limits with 55-60 MPH and over 800 miles of Hot Dry Pavement and the results of these very demanding test were very little wear to the Trax, and no issues at all with the Centrifugal Forces applied, but DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! :)

Click the link above for your State's Tire Chain Laws concerning Consumer Driven Vehicles under 10,000 GVW in adverse Snow / Ice conditions.

Rough ride in colder temps?

Why is my Car giving me a rough ride in colder temps?
Answer- Hydraulic Shocks / Struts

Flex-Trax Cold Temps Application

Hydraulic Oil Thickens

Hydraulic Shocks and struts work by flowing oil through metered orifices. The colder temps simply thicken the oil and slow the flow.
Struts don't "freeze", but will get very sluggish when colder and unfortunately, that translates into a rougher ride.

Hydraulic Shocks / Struts

Not only do Flex-Trax become harder with reduced temperatures, but also does your tires and suspension.
Our technology was created with a proprietary blend of BASF Urethane materials. Said materials are designed to become harder and assist with biting into the snow / ice with direct contact of these conditions, as well as become softer with dry pavement use for a smoother ride when compared to metal tire chains.

Why do I get a Bumpy Ride?

Bumpy ride, and "hard handing" is probably attributed to your suspension being hydraulic shocks / struts, and typically In these scenarios, these vehicles do not have sufficient weight to quickly and thoroughly compress the suspension, due to the oil in the shocks becoming thick and viscous in colder temps.
Just as oil, syrup, peanut butter etc...(just about anything thicker than water) is resistant to flow and when it gets colder the fluid in your shocks moves slower.

Although you should get a better ride as you drive and these components move around due to the increased frictional heat of the components.

Actual Customer Explains

"You can't expect anything you strap on a tire to be quiet. Anyone that has ever used chains understands this. These are designed to get you out of a bad situation. Not to put on and go to the movies. Nothing you buy are going to be magical and install themselves,you may have to get down on your knees and get dirty. As for traction Flex-Trax work just fine, way better that 40lbs of chain beating the fender-well. I have used these on three different trucks to get me home. If you carry a spare tire in case of a flat, and live in the Midwest its a No-Brainer."
Larry Gearhart

I was on a solo winter backpacking trip in northern Michigan. Having to use the set of Go Claws on the rear of my F150 4x4 due to the 2ft of snow on the hilly, remote logging roads, I was amazed at how these things took on the terrain! A confidence booster for sure. After a week in the bush, another foot of snow mixed with ice accumulated. I made it out of there without a hiccup. Go Claws can provide plenty of fun, white knuckled adventure! Awesome customer service too!

— J. P. Koester

Unique Benefits of Flex-Trax

Unique Benefits of Flex-Trax

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