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<div style="text-align: center;">What we do at Patent Development Company</div>
Early History of Flex-Trax Early History Tony Bright / Inventor / Founder While at a NAPA Store, Tony saw a set if Tire Chains on Display. Having Twenty-six years of engineering experience led him to ponder the following question: Why do people buy these? They are difficult to install and they do not stay on. Once they fly off your tire they get tangled in your brake lines, causing major damage to your vehicle and likely the highway system. He found the only logical conclusion must be that people buy tire chains due to the lack of a better and safer option. With that Flex-Trax™ was conceived.

Tony Bright age 48 and conducting first test and trial for proof of concept.

High Sierra Mountains South of Lake Tahoe and neighboring Sequoia National park.

At the age of 58, Flex-Trax was founded by the inventor of the company’s technology, Tony Bright, to provide consumers with an advanced traction system. This technology represents a significant improvement over historical traction devices such as tire chains, snow tires, etc... The company’s principal product is “GoClaws”, a unique injection-molded, high strength and high durability polyurethane assembly. GoClaws install easily over tires, even if the vehicle is already stuck. This revolutionary product is cost-competitive and user/vehicle friendly. It provides a smoother ride, longer life through improved abrasion resistance and less damage to both tires and roadways.

Tony Bright at the age of 58, Flex-Trax was founded and received many awards for the Unique Patented Traction Technology.

Technology Leadership Award!

It will Not Work and it will Never Happen! Early in his development, Everyone Tony made a presentation seemed to be impressed with the technology, but had many reasons to say “It will Not Work and it just will Never Happen!” I guess he showed them!!!

At 63, Tony is about to retire and assist other Inventors reach their Dreams.
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Tony Bright without his coffee. :-)

Tony Bright without his coffee. :-)

Ever feel like you've been run through the wringer? At times you look in the mirror and wonder... who is this person staring back at me? Just be thankful you were not born this guy!

Back Ground Prior to diving into this huge undertaking, Tony had served as a Regional Expert in Commercial / Industrial Automated Conveyor and Hydraulic Systems. Local Factories would call him into their plant to solve any process and engineering issues, and he soon became known as the Local “Problem Solver.” As a direct result of this, many of Tony’s Innovations were implemented and operated successfully for over 20 years without any problems. During this time, and serving as an out-sourced contracted engineer, he was unable to patent any of these innovations and only received his fees from the clients upon completion of the process and / or systems. At this juncture of his life, Tony decided to create something for himself and reap the long- term financial reward from his efforts, and the Alternative to outdated Tire Chains seemed to be his calling. He first began the research and study of the inherent dynamics of chains mounted to tires. This to better understand how to best solve for the system flaws in effort to ultimately improve on their outdated design.

Tony is very proud of his many accomplishments and is considering retirement after his 15 years dedicated to this Flex-Trax project. He will now concentrate his effort in assisting others reach their dreams. Current Development- CIA "Combat Investor Abuse" Foundation for Inventor Rights which will Combat Investor Abuse and help victims heal and be fairly compensated.

Excerpt from Tony's Book "Sharks in Angel's Clothing" (below)

If you have a "Bright Idea" and don't know how to execute your Vision, we can help...Been there Done That! Call or Email Tony directly for program details.

Meeting of the Minds!

<div style="text-align: center;">Meeting of the Minds!</div>

" Everything that is now...was at one time, a product of someone's Imagination". D. Anthony Bright

Folks said- "It will Never Happen!"

<div style="text-align: center;">Folks said- "It will Never Happen!"</div>
It will Not Work and it will Never Happen! Early in his development, Everyone Tony made a presentation seemed to be impressed with the technology, but had many reasons to say “It will Not Work and it just will Never Happen!” I guess he showed them!!!

                            Kruesi Award winner Tony Bright 
                            Early Accomplishment for Inventing GoClaws.

Bright Family

Unwind / Leisure Time when not working on Flex-Trax, or spending time with the Family, Tony enjoys escaping down an old country road on his dream bike.

A few words about Time.

A few words about Time.

Time Heals with open eyes and
The Bad can be forgotten with Time!

Even Birds have an Opinion!

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