Unique and Well Engineered!

"GoClaws is an alternative to conventional tire chains. I like things that are unique and well engineered. This is why I like Vanagon Westfalia Campers.

GoClaws is without a doubt a unique and well engineered product.

I blazed through fresh snow that was 10-14 inches deep.

I love these things and can't wait to try them out on mud and sand. When I get a chance this summer to use them off road, I will give another report to let everyone know how they worked.

I can't wait to go four wheeling again! (ok. two wheeling with style)

Update-"I have now used a set of these on my bus for about 10 years. They work great in the snow and mud."

Todd Olson
Buses By the Beach

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<div style="text-align: center;">Unique and Well Engineered!</div>
Combining Volkswagen style camping with raising money for The Phoenix Society For Burn Survivors.

GoClaws to Go in Extreme Conditions

<div style="text-align: center;">GoClaws to Go in Extreme Conditions</div>
GoClaws is where it all started back in 1997! The unique dual locking pins slide into the opposing keyhole slots which provides for a secure positive locking mechanism, and very durable trax assembly that will last you many years if properly washed, rinsed and dried, then kept in the included convenient storage bag.

Eliminate All the Pains of Chains!

<div style="text-align: center;">Eliminate All the Pains of Chains!</div>
A few things relating to AWD Vehicles... I have been driving front wheel drive cars, 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive cars and trucks for the last 30 years. Are 4-wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles better in the snow? Yes. Is it a big difference? Yes! Those who say there isn't a difference or it is very minor have either never driven such a vehicle before in REAL snow, or they are intentionally knocking them for some unknown reason. They will get you going safer driving straight, and are also better around corners.. period! There is simply no comparison between the two, and simple logic would explain why. I live in northern Canada where we get snow, sometimes very heavy snow for the majority of the year. 80% of the vehicles here are either 4x4 or all wheel drive. Even the police here use all wheel drive SUVs almost exclusively, and they wouldn't do so if there was only a minor difference. The only people here who drive 2 wheel drive cars are those that don't have to travel far or don't travel during heavy snow. But.. with that said, 4 wheel drive WILL NOT help you stop any faster. All cars have 4 wheel braking and caution must always be used to come to a safe stop. If you are unable to get a 4 wheel or all wheel drive vehicle, your next best choice is a front wheel drive with good snow tires. If you drive a lot in deep snow I would recommend a new product called SnoClaws. http://www.flextrax.com They are a type of tire chain, except they are made of rubber so they are legal everywhere. You can put them on your tires in about 5 minutes and take them off in seconds when you don't need them. Hope this helps, jakeblues

Green Light with GoClaws!

<div style="text-align: center;">Green Light with GoClaws!</div>
You have the Green Light with GoClaws!

GoClaws Performance Video

GoClaws Performance Video
Advanced Traction System to replace tire chains. GoClaws can drive through mud, sand, snow and snow-packed Ice.

Easy GoClaws Installation

Easy GoClaws Installation
Installation video that show exactly step by step how to Install GoClaws.

Proper Use of GoClaws Lever Tool -Important Notes Summary-

Many Folks misunderstand the use of the included Lever Tool. All attachment linkages are installed by hand, except for two outside links that require very little effort.  Click on Picture for proper use of Lever Tool and *See Installation Video (Above)

<div style="text-align: center;">Proper Use of GoClaws Lever Tool -Important Notes Summary-</div>

GoClaws Model # at top above your tire size.

Contact us if you don't see your tire listed.

<div style="text-align: center;">GoClaws Model # at top above your tire size.</div>

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